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What Is Common Core

(called New Illinois Learning Standards)

  1. There is a set of learning standards in English language arts and math.  These standards are for all states and replace existing state standards.
  2. National Standardized tests 
  3. Computerized Data Collection and sharing about students and their families.  Students are tracked from preschool through to age 20 (after they enter the workforce.)

What is the stated purpose of Common Core:

The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers. With American students fully prepared for the future, our communities will be best positioned to compete successfully in the global economy.

Who developed them

They were developed by 2 trade organizations:  The National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).  This development was funded by a $35 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Stealth Roll Out

  • The 2009 stimulus bill designated a $4.35 billion “executive earmark” for the Department of Education.  This money was used to create the Race to the Top (RTTT) program.  In 2011 Boehner included $700 million in a RTTT earmark in the budget compromise with Obama.
    • A federal grant competition that invited the cash-strapped states to compete for the Stimulus money.  But, under the Department’s competition scheme, states had to “commit” to adopting common standards.
    • Gubernatorial and bureaucratic pledges did not include any consent or review by the people or their elected representatives in the state legislatures.  In fact, your state representatives may not even be aware of the Common Core standards!

Which States Have Common Core

States that rejected:

  • Alaska
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • Texas (stealth action brought in a Common Core like curriculum under a program called “CSCOPE”)
  • Virginia

State with significant grassroots action/legislation to reject

  • Michigan
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • S. Dakota
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • Colorado
  • Utah
  • Idaho
  • S. Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • Florida

Which Schools Have Common Core

  • Public school districts are at different stages of implementing Common Core
  • Many private schools are adopting common core to “align” with the public schools
    • Chicago Catholic Schools
    • Many Illinois Lutheran Schools
    • Joliet Catholic Schools

Homeschoolers (involved/concerned)

  • Homeschoolers in Illinois are not mandated to follow common core but many of the homeschool educational curriculum and materials companies are adopting their homeschool programs to be CC compliant.
  • Because common core reaches into the college curriculum and the SAT and ACT are being re-written to be common core compliance this means that homeschooled children need to learn common core to do well on college entrance tests.

Who is writing the curriculum?

(85% of school curriculum must be Common Core and 15% can be determined by the local school officials but it also needs to comply with Common Core standards

  • Linda Darling-Hammond:  Radical with ties to Bill Ayres.  Believes that “social justice” and “economic justice” can be achieved through common core.
  • Sir Michael Barber at Pearson Publishing:  A globalist who believes that education reform is a “global phenomenon” no longer to be managed by individuals or sovereign countries.
  • Arne Ducan: School-centered rather than a family-centered nation.  He wants schools to include health clinics and extensive after school activities.  He want extend to 14 hour days with a longer school year.  He believes in school tracking students from cradle into the workforce.
  • Bill Ayres:  Keynote speaker at education events.  Revolutionary anarchist and globalist who believes in anti-american “re-education camps.”  and believes that citizens should re-think the US Constitution and the concept of the United States.
  • David Coleman:  Working on the English arts portion.  Believes in reading technical documents rather than literature (in highschool 70% informational text.)  Also believes that you should simply read the text and not look for context or bring in your own outside experiences.
  • Michelle Rhee:  Self proclaimed “radical left wing progressive.”  Who recently wrote a book titled “Radical.”
  • Bill Gates:  Has spent 5 billion dollars on “his” common core.  Specifically found a way to circumvent the American voter to sneak his agenda in the back door. Corrupted the PTA with a 1 million dollar grant and is masterminding a constant ‘postive’ PR campaign to teachers and school administrators promoting CC.

(more info coming on Rhee and Hammond)



Math takes simple concepts and makes them confusing.

Delays the introduction of concepts which will put American students behind by over a year.  Algebra is not introduced into High School and most students will not reach Calculus in highschool.

English language arts:  Emphasizes technical reading and de-emphasizes literature.  

Yet to be developed Science & Social Studies:  Emphasizes left-wing world view. Discourages the traditional method of determining reading comprehension by de-emphasizing context of what is being read and bringing in examples of real world examples etc.

State Longitudinal Data System – from cradle to grave

(click link)

In Illinois:  Illinois Longitudinal Data System (ILDS)


 (1) political affiliations or beliefs of the student or the student's parent;

(2) mental or psychological problems of the student or the student's family;

(3) sex behavior or attitudes;

(4) illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior;

(5) critical appraisals of other individuals with whom respondents have close family relationships;

(6) legally recognized privileged or analogous relationships, such as those of lawyers, physicians, and ministers;

(7) religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or student's parent; or

(8) income (other than that required by law to determine eligibility for participation in a program or for receiving financial assistance under such program),'

ILDS will serve a large stakeholder group, including:

  • Illinois State Board of Education
  • Local Education Authorities
  • Regional offices of education and intermediate service centers
  • Parents and other members of the general public
  • State Legislatures
  • News media
  • Research organizations
  • Postsecondary Institutions
  • State workforce and higher education agencies
  • Education Partner

Birth to 3 Illinois data set

Total number of home visits during the year             Mandatory

Total number of parent groups/sessions

attended during the year                                                Mandatory

Total number of hours of services for student

Student born with a low birth weight                          Mandatory

Is student living in a foster home                                 Mandatory

Was parent married at time of student’s birth           Optional

Biological mother’s date of birth                                   Optional

Student’s family is receiving child support                 Mandatory

Student’s family is receiving TANF                              Mandatory

Student‘s family is receiving WIC                                 Mandatory

Student’s family is receiving food stamps                   Mandatory

Student’s family is receiving a Housing Subsidy       Mandatory


  • Takes control of educational content away from parents, taxpayers, local school districts and states.
  • Public education is the responsibility of the states and should not be taken over by the federal government.
  • Have embedded pedgogy which means not only are the teachers told what to teach but how to teach it.  The teachers are no longer professionals but robots carrying out instructions.


  • No Child Left behind did not achieve it’s goal of standardizing education from school to school and district to district.  There is no reason to believe that Common Core can achieve this goal.
  • Common Core standards have not been properly evaluated and it is a huge experient with our kids future.  Some of the members of the validation committee refused to sign-off on the standards.
  • The standards are not internationally benchmarked – in fact some of the consulted educators refused to sign-off on the standards


  • Estimated implementation costs have ranged from $183 million in Washington State for 1 million students to $1.6 BILLION in California for 6 million + students.
  • May not align with the ‘old’ state standards and textbooks that were already purchased which costs a lot of money to replace.
  • Will cost local school districts a lot to re-train teachers and adminstrators.  
  • Local school districts will be responsible for the cost of purchasing and running all the new computerize systems as well.

What Can I Do – More to come…

  • Go to
  • Read through the information & talk to everyone you know
  • Attend your school board meetings and PTA and speaking out
  • Submit personal stories - touching hearts is how we will win.
  • Submit the names of non-public schools so that parents know if they have common core in the school their child attends.

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