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As we speak American history is being revised by the radical left by the 1619 project. We here at Restore Our Constitution feel a strong need to learn the true history of our beautiful country so we can pass it along to the next generation of Americans. Knowing their history and founding documents will insure them and their offspring they too can enjoy freedom and liberty. 

The lessons posted on this site are not from the Wallbuilders® organization or Rick Green and Patriot acadmeny. All the material on this site and the tests are mine. I composed the tests from information I get from DVD sets and other reputable materials from Wallbuilders. ANY MISTAKES on this material is totally MY responsibility.  If you find a mistake please contact us so we can review it and make necessary corrections. 

I have posted tests for downloading on our lessons page . We are constantly adding to this page that has been years in the making. 

​We  promote Wallbuilders® because we believe Wallbuilders to be a reliable source since they own many original documents, writings, proclamations etc. from  Americ's founding era. Wallbuilders owns many original documents signed by  Washington, Jefferson, Adams and other founders.  They uses original sources to compile their material, and they use footnotes.
**Any mistakes on the test material is solely my responsibility, not that of Wallbuilders, Rick Green or TBN™© or any other individual or organization we use as study guides.

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Rick Green


The Jefferson Lies


Christian historian warns more may follow 'to protect reputation and livelihood' 

Published: 12/20/2014 at 7:23 PM
David Barton critics beware: There’s now a price to pay if you want to defame the popular historian, author and speaker with false and outlandish charges.
Barton won a $1 million defamation judgment in August against two left-leaning candidates for the Texas State Board of Education.


BREAKING:  Guess what…David Barton/WallBuilders has sued Jennings/Metereau for defamation of character.  David Barton/WallBuilders won, and now Jennings/Metereau have to pay him and his WallBuilders $1,000,000!  How is that for justice served?

Constitution ALIVE!

Section One: History Segment Questions with David Barton and Rick Green.