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As Dr. Eowyn of Fellowship of the Minds reports, on an Obama Administration plan to use millions of illegal “immigrants” to create “a country within a country.” READ MORE:

White House Document outling this plan to creat cities in a city and giving amnesty to people here illegally.

Mark Levin: Whistleblower - Obama Plotting The Takeover Of America - "Smoking Gun Of Treason"


In the short video of the Mark Levin show from February  26, 2015, explosive bombshells are revealed by a conference callwhistleblower that managed to listen in on a White House conference call which included 16 cabinet representatives and Cecilia Munoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council and former senior official for La Raza, along with LaRanza participants, where they openly discussed Obama's plot to take over America with "replacement Americans" to develop a "country within a country."

The conference call whistleblower is Susan Payne who is a WCBM Baltimore contributor and co-host of the Pat McDonough Radio Show and the information she imparts has been referred to by Rick Wells as "the smoking gun of treason."

Ms. Payne begins by discussing Barack Obama's "memorandum," on Amnesty from November 2014, where he created the "Task Force on New Americans," which Payne describes as 13-15 million versus the four million we have all been told would be receiving amnesty.

Payne describes certain "buzzwords" that caught her attention and disturbed her as she listened to this organized plot take shape, including a White House spokesperson stating that "Immigrants need to be aware of the benefits they are entitled to." Other concerning statements included specific mention of teaching illegals how to "navigate," not assimilate, and that certain communities would be designated "receiving communities," which would of course have taxpayer funds pumped into them, then would "morph into emerging immigrant communities."

Payne goes on to reveal that immigrants were described as "seedlings" that needed fertile soil in order to grow as she asserts they would continue to grow until they "took over the host," and came out of the shadows as natural born and legal citizens were puhsed into the shadows.

Perhaps the most damning part of this plot is where she states that as part of the discussion it was said that immigrants needed to be treated as "refugees" in order to provide them with cash, medical care, credit cards and no interest loans," all paid for by the American taxpayers.


Numbers USA Report Immigration Report Cards 

CLICK HERE to see how your Representative and Senator is voting on the critical issue of immigration. Click on your state. Sign up to send a free fax today. It's fast, its easy!



Took Office: Jan 03, 2013
Party: Republican
Macoupin County, Christian County, Montgomery ...
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You Built that!  Cost of Rebuilding Downtown Decatur

January 30, 2015 by web staff 5 Comments

By:  Diane Benjamin

Decatur taxpayers are outraged at the money their City Council spent making downtown a walk-able, livable sustainable space.  They built it and NOBODY came.  Sound familiar?

While reading, keep in mind:  The lighting plan for downtown Bloomington is $8.5 Million.  Taxpayers already paid $74, 670 for the study.

Downtown Decatur died decades ago when developers wanted to build a mall downtown.  The City said NO – so they built it in Forsyth instead.  Forsyth used to be smaller than Wapella, now it is the business hub of Decatur without being in Decatur.  All the taxes went to Forsyth too.


Decatur is Blueprint for Bloomington

February 1, 2015 by web staff Leave a Comment

by:  Diane Benjamin

Th article below recaps what Decatur “invested”.  Most of these projects are completed.  $350 Million later, is Decatur “Quality”?  Is their economy better?  Are businesses flocking there?

Keep in mind:

Everything Decatur “Invested” came from taxpayers.

Decatur is dominated by unions and Democrats.  Bloomington elected its first Democrat Mayor.  Seeing a pattern? 


Decatur Magazine 350 Million Dollar Investment in Our Community


C. Steven Tucker Illinois Obamacare


Back on August 3rd, 2013 C Steven Tucker wrote a piece exposing what he stated then will soon happen to millions of Americans if we do not support the Tea Party and Republican lead effort to defund Obamacare. 

In that piece, he stated when President Obama promised - "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan and no one will take it away from you, period" he was not telling the truth.
ATTENTION Main Stream Media. Regarding Obamacare. I TOLD YOU SO!

Numbers USA Lower Immigration Site

Senator Dick Durbin is a very wealthy man, he is part of the 1% that he constantly uses as a political tool. Those evil corporations and the stock market can be seen in his net worth at this site. Check it out.

Go to 


Numbers USA 

They provide you with talking points and free faxes.


ROC prefers our current laws be enforced. To date there is no indication from our state and federal government that will ever happen. 

Roy Beck Immigration by Numbers

The Blaze Immigration Reform

Check out the BLAZE Immigration Reform Special Section

HISTORY: David Barton's Black Robe Regiment

What is the Black Robe Regiment?


A Brief History by David Barton


The Black Robed Regiment was the name that the British placed on the courageous and patriotic American clergy during the Founding Era (a backhanded reference to the black robes they wore). [1] Significantly, the British blamed the Black Regiment for American Independence, [2] and rightfully so, for modern historians have documented that:

There is not a right asserted in the Declaration of Independence which had not been discussed by the New England clergy before 1763. READ MORE: 

David Barton's Wallbuilders

ObamaCare Latest Update

Please check C. Steven Tuckers Website for the latest on Obamacare.

Heritage Foundation: The Right Way Forward for America

After repeal of Obamacare, Congress should pursue targeted policy solutions that address practical problems faced by millions of Americans in a step-by-step and fully transparent legislative process. The elements outlined above are at the core of transforming today's health care economy into one where individuals and families can control their own dollars and make their own decisions.

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Discover The Networks of the progressive left in education, the media, politics and more.

Dangers Of Common Core

Who and what is the TIDES FOUNDATION that is behind Common Core. Also check out the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who is also giving huge amounts of money for Common Cause. 
As Mr. Beck said this was put in the Stimulus Bill while we were watching Obama Care.

Check out our special section devoted to Common Core today! click here

Dr. Herb Titus on  "Natural Born Citizen"

Americans That's Who: A Patriotic Tribute

Americans That's Who A Patriotic Tribute can be found on at our page at ROC watchdog on YOUTUBEPlease drop by and LIKE this video, share the link with all  your friends!

 Our National Debit

The next time you hear a politician say they have 'cut' 800 billion dollars out of the budget or out of the national debit you will know that what is said is pure spin. To see a visual on our national debit CLICK HERE 

PDF on visual of our national debit print it out show your friends. click here 

National Center For Constitutional Studies

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September 17th is Constitution day and constitution week! Read it, learn it here!

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