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Illinois Tea Party on Obamacare

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Defund Obamacare by stopping IRS Illegal act and starving Federally Faciliated Exchanges

Since our current GOP leadership does not have the political will to defund Obamacare and have funded it willingly in every CR – Continuing Resolution – since early 2011. Where we should be concentrating our efforts is on making sure that there is no money appropriated for federally-facilitated HIX – Health Insurance Exchanges. As it stands now, 27 states have rejected state-based health insurance exchanges. When a state rejects a state-based exchange, the PPACA legislation allows HHS to usurp our 10th amendment rights and establish a federally-facilitated exchange in that state whether the state legislature wants it or not. Section 1311 of the PPACA outlines the powers granted to the IRS to provide APTC – Advance Premium Tax Credits – that will be used to artificially lower the massive cost of health insurance in the exchanges. Tied to those APTC’s is also the power allotted to the IRS to penalize employers in that state (with 50 or more full-time employees) $2,000 or $3,000 per employee (first 30 employees waived). This is a LOT of new power granted to the IRS and this is the reason the IRS is hiring thousands of new agents.

READ MORE: Defund Obamacare by stopping IRS illegal act and starving Federally Faciliated exchanges.

Illinois begins audits & cuts to medicaid. Rationing To Begin

March 30, 2013

On July 7, 2012 the Illinois Tea Party broke down the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ parts ofSB2840 and it’s amendments as well as HB5007. Together, these two pieces of legislation comprise what Governor Quinn refers to as ‘Medicaid Reform’. Whilst there was and still is genuine concern over the fiscal impact of Illinois expanding Medicaid nearly 2 years before the rest of the country. There was some good in HB5007. Specifically, the implementation of what most other state Medicaid programs already had in place for years. Namely, a TPA – Third Party Administrator.


Rep. Jeanne Ifes: House Dems Pass Obamacare in Illinois


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C. Steven Tucker on Scott Busboom


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