Restore Our Constitution was started Mach 21, 2009 by a group of Citizens concerned over the direction our country was taking by moving away from the Christian principals our Founding Fathers used in the writing of our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Our Constitution starts out with these words 'WE THE PEOPLE.'  This is our country, it is our duty to be involved in the running of our country.


Our goal at Restore Our Constitution is to assist Conservatives, Christian Patriots to learn about issues, learn how to vet candidates, research legislation,  and provide them information so if they choose they can become active in the political arena.  WE provide information for people to use, what they pursue is their choice.


We feel every citizen needs to understand the long lasting, harmful effect most legislation passed in city councils, state governments and in Washington D.C. has on every aspect of our lives. Here at ROC it is our opinion that it is our duty as citizens of the United States to hold our political servants accountable in knowing and following the Constitution to keep America a free and sovereign nation. We are to hold them accountable in a dignified and professional manner. Anything less is not acceptable. We should always take the high road as we uphold the Christian principles that established our country.


We have a meeting on the last or next to the last Tuesday from February until the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving in November. Our meetings are free, everyone is welcome.  We promote kindness, intelligent discussion, civil and constructive ideas. We do not allow any untoward behavior, any yelling or angry behavior. Any one engaging in unruly behavior will be asked to leave by our plain close security team.


NOTE: ROC is not a political organization or party. We are not affilated with any party or group. We are a collection of nonpartisian patriots that love our country and want to be a part of making our country the best it can be for everyone.

ROC-USA™® Restore Our Constitution™®

Restore Our Constitution® Meetings

Tuesday, May 28,

6:30 p.m. 

Decatur Conference Center and Hotel

4191 US Rt 36, Decatur, Illinois