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Past Events

June 2013

Our Guest Speaker

Sharee Langenstein

National Issues Chairman Eagle Forum

May 2013

David E. Smith Executive Director Before becoming Illinois Family Institute’s executive director in late 2006, David worked at IFI as a senior policy analyst for two years.

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Meetings in 2012 and 2011

January 2012 Meeting was a showing from American Heritage Series. 

    From our December 2011 Meeting 

C. Steven Tucker  

 Click here to download the handout Steven had at our meeting so you can research more on ObamaCare. click here: ObamaCare PD Check out Steven's Blog 


April 2012 William J. Federer

 Links to Mr. Federers Facebook Pages and more information for Federer fans.

 American Minute


Books by William J. Federer


Wendell Cox March 13 2012

Wendell Cox is principal of Demographia, an international public policy firm located in the St. Louis metropolitan area. He has served as a visiting professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers in Paris since 2002. His principal interests are economics, poverty alleviation, demographics, urban policy and transport. He is co-author of the annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey.

Mayor Tom Bradley appointed him to three terms on the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission (1977-1985) and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich appointed him to the Amtrak Reform Council, to complete the unexpired term of New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman (1999-2002).

He is author of War on the Dream: How Anti-Sprawl Policy Threatens the Quality of Life


October 2011  Adam Andrezjewski

Websites and information on waste in Illinois See Open the Books link below. 

For the Good Of Illinois 

Open The Books 

From our last meeting: National Debit PDF 

Click here To hear Mr. Andrezjewski on Michael Savage Show Thursday Sept 29th. 

March 2011 Meeting FDR New Deal Or Raw Deal

Are we heading for an economic crisis like the great depression? Read and compare todays events and the current administration with those from the Roosevelt administration.

'New Deal Or Raw Deal' 

How FDR'S economic legacy has damaged America 

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Want information we presented at our March meeting?  

'Great Myths Of The Great Depression'

Are we headed for another Great Depression?

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